Paxton, Il Is the Place To Be!

At Paxton Main Street we think of ourselves as “the quality-of-life people”! Our goal is to help Paxton visitors and residents alike experience a uniquely welcoming environment and sense of belonging that only our humble town in the heartland can provide. Whether you have a young family, are a single adult or already enjoying your golden years, Paxton Main Street aims to create gathering spaces and places that enhance the quality of life one experiences here, whether you visit for a day or stay a lifetime. Visit us and learn about our history, enjoy one of our signature events or just relax for an evening of food and drink with those you cherish beside you. You might find yourself surprised at how inviting our small town really is. And if you already live here, we celebrate you and aim to make Paxton, IL an even greater place to grow roots, work, relax and enjoy your daily life.

City Hall

Paxton Main Street was created by residents and merchants to establish a positive vision that continues to build upon the rural foundation that firmly established Paxton, IL more than 150 years ago. In building a stronger community we look to embrace the social, cultural and economic desires of current and future business owners, visitors and residents of all ages. Our Board of Directors and Advisory Board are made up of residents and business owners from varied generations with interests and experiences in a broad range of educational, professional and geographic backgrounds – all coming together to create a community path of ongoing growth for the future of our beloved town.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can join us in making our community a greater small town, please reach out. We’ll be happy to visit with you.

Mission Statement

The mission of Paxton Main Street is to promote and preserve the unique character of downtown Paxton, Illinois by supporting economic development and historic preservation while building upon existing community assets. By continuing to strengthen our historic downtown, Paxton will build economic vitality and growth throughout the community.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to have a thriving and vibrant downtown Paxton, Illinois that connects residents, businesses and visitors alike by embracing its history and celebrating its strong sense of community through partnerships and initiatives.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our Advisory Board or helping with an event or idea, please share your contact information here.